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Out most commonly asked questions, answered!

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What does Five12 do as a company and what do you offer clients?

FIVE12 is a privately-owned firm that assists clients with targeted reach and growth within their markets. We are hired to drive measurable revenue through sales, typically in markets that are underperforming, and specialize in training sales teams to lead acquisition and speed-to-market changes that our clients desire. We offer expansion of their programs by training our Managing Partners to oversee their campaigns and account teams, which has allowed us to grow quickly alongside any client we represent. We have become invaluable to our clients as they look to build from 2020 and into the coming years!

Why do clients choose you & what makes you different?

Ten years ago, and even at the beginning of this year, things were different with how consumers buy! With the world changing rapidly, we offer solutions to increase revenue, build quality customer relationships for the long-term, and handle rapid change within a market to keep our clients relevant. We bring the highest quality representation to be the face of their brand, we train and develop every person within our team to be capable and effective with their consumers, and we promote our managing partners from within to ensure a win-win for both sides! Since launching, we have opened 4 new markets and brought new accounts to our clients at a rate of 12-1.

Is this door-to-door? How do you do sales?

Simple answer, Yes! Direct to Home selling is still extremely effective. We have always believed in low-pressure and fast paced environments where we can help more customers and be more effective with the amount of results we bring. We have contracts with all of our clients, focus our direct processes where we don't need consumers to come to us, and have confident representation to acquire new accounts at a rapid rate. We believe in working with the most stable clients in the most secure areas, which has created long-term growth & demand.

Do you offer training? Is the training paid?

YES. We invest a portion of company profit into our training program and believe this is one of the biggest catalysts of the growth we have had! Although everyone is different, we strongly believe that anyone can be successful when they work hard and have the right resources. We offer hands-on development and assign every team member a direct mentor as a resource. We are team based and love new ideas, so we build by cross-training and focusing on strengths & foundations. We always offer paid training and guidance no matter the position! Growing people are happy people, right?

What is the pay range? Is this commission only?

We offer a guaranteed base pay that is ALWAYS in place as well as additional commission and bonuses that are uncapped! Although base pay is determined through our interviews, we are upfront that our best managers typically thrive in a performance environment and typically double or triple the base pay in place. Starting range is an average of $50,000 while team leads will average $60,000-$75,000 the first year. As someone steps into management with FIVE12, we will offer profit share in the company and additional client revenue to the averages putting our Managing Partners at a higher bracket.

How do I know that Five12 is the right place for me?

As much as we hope to answer through our site, we believe that it is important to really "dive in" to determine the best fit and path within our company! We offer a candid interview process that allows for deeper conversation and getting all questions answered! We are looking for the RIGHT fit as a long-term player and want any partnerships to be win-win. We offer training, career opportunity, and support...BUT at the end of the day, we believe a winning mentality, competitive spirit, and growth mindset will be what helps someone thrive with FIVE12!

What are the changes for Covid? Is this an office location?

We have made (as everyone has) lots of changes during this time! At the start, we did not meet in our office but rather took our team remote by meeting on Zoom. Since the beginning of 2023, we have met daily at our office location just south of Downtown Austin for any morning meetings, trainings, and 2nd round interviews! Our team likes to meet face to face in office each morning. We love human interaction and crave the kind of synergy, energy, and enthusiasm only a face to face office environment can provide. I mean - we are a face to face sales team!

What clients do you represent? Are they looking to grow?

We have only worked with large and established clients and believe this is one piece that has allowed for stability and growth during this time! We have worked with green energy and technology-based clients that focus on consumer use, which means the way they market is always evolving! We have never missed a client target, and with what started as a small team and one partner has now grown into multiple teams representing numerous clients! We are looking to expand and are in more demand than ever! It is an exciting time for us and we have plenty of new ventures to take on in the coming years!

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