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Our Story

Every company builds from scratch and has a story to tell. We truly believe our experiences make us who we are today. Through commitment, teamwork, and grit we have successfully grown into 5 markets and continue to meet high demands from our clients. 

We endure challenges and celebrate accomplishments - always together! This is our timeline which gives you a snapshot of where we started and where we are going in the future! 

We launched our first location from Austin to Dallas! We spent the first year building our company systems and expanding our client campaigns. We exceeded expectations and earned multiple awards for our top performance in the industry. We started to expand our client focus within technology and looked to take on the next challenge!


We promoted our first manager and expanded our 2nd location into Houston! We replicated our systems externally and hit our client's targets within the first few months of our Houston launch. We took on new client campaigns and pilots, which added new opportunities for our team to take on in 2017!


Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane devastated the Houston area. This was such a challenging time as our manager and multiple teammates lost everything. We came together in ways we could never imagine proving our team is made of true leaders. We rebuilt the market base and took the next steps to expand again.


After rebuilding the Houston market we launched our 3rd location into San Antonio. We grew our client base by taking on new pilots in green energy and home improvement. The results we achieved were threefold and all three locations were recognized for top revenue generation across the country!


This year was about exponential growth within our locations! We worked with multiple clients and developed the next wave of managers to launch. We expanded our Dallas and San Antonio reach by promoting a 2nd manager in each location. We looked to 2020 to be our biggest year yet!


COVID-19. I don't think anyone could have planned for what was about to ensue. We banded together virtually and kept our team on payroll through the lockdown. For over three months we focused on developing skillsets and problem-solving how to adapt and thrive through the latter half of the year. By July we were ready for relaunch with new ways to strike for our clients!

March 2020

Keeping safety as a priority we spent two months slowly relaunching our client campaigns. As COVID impacted so many different industries, new clients approached our team to take on new opportunities. We launched our first out-of-state branch into Arizona, which built to client targets within the first 4 weeks of launch. This is why we win!

August 2020

We opened our Austin location with our newest client! We built a top performing team within the first year and are currently expanding the Austin location, our new home base!

October 2020

As we continued to build our client territory in Texas, we spent 2022 launching our newest client in Austin! We could not be more excited to continue to grow with such an expansive company in 2023!


We are looking at 2023 as one of our biggest years of growth to date! Five12 is expanding and has already launched two managers in the first half of the year. With our clients demanding even more, we are rapidly exceeding our goals and looking to expand five managers by the end of 2023. 


We are currently hiring and looking to develop future leaders within our managing team. Reach out today!

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