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Beginning with the end in mind we have a continuous vision of creating long-term opportunity. Our goal is to provide internal advancement for those who work hard and seek growth in themselves. Our mission is to provide hands-on training and development, offer unlimited resources and mentorship, and cross-train in every vital area of our company. With our focus in personal and professional growth, we guarantee that all leaders within our company will prove themselves, earn their role, and graduate our program to grow future markets and clients!

Account Management

The AM team works as the face of our company - dedicated to having the highest integrity and character when representing our clients. AMs drive long-term client growth by interacting face-to-face with our clients' customers. They know how to build genuine connections and problem-solve on the spot. The AM team's focus is in training those who feel comfortable working with all types of people and enjoy a fast paced setting. Future AMs have to be motivated individuals who thrive in a competitive and goal oriented environment.

Team Lead

"Bored people are boring people, right?" Our high energy company culture is made of people who enjoy a challenge, so we provide every obstacle and resource to promote from within. One role at Five12, Team Lead, will step into coaching and mentoring our AM team. Our best Team Leads thrive in this role by directly impacting others' results and maintaining high standards of performance for themselves. Our Team Leads are looking for people who want to develop themselves and bring new ideas to the table.

Assistant Management

Every Assistant Manager will earn his or her role in the organization by mastering the Team Lead position. Assistant managers know how to develop small teams to drive performance, so they will cross-train in areas of finance, campaign management, and small business development. A portion of the company profit is invested into our training program, so Assistant Managers will earn profit share as well. This position is designed to sharpen and advance the future managers of our company.

Recruiting Team

Becoming a part of the Recruiting Team is another path within our firm that promises long-term growth. Our Recruiting Team fills any and all open positions within our locations. Some of our best AMs have a massive passion and skillset in hiring the right candidates, and we support them in discovering and growing into what they love to do. Once an AM understands the foundation of our company, we will provide options in recruiting and human resources as we open new clients and locations!

Human Resource Management

The HR Manager for each location will work side by side with the Managing Partner. This role involves onboarding and compliance, oversight of sales quality, and managing recruiting teams within the organization. Our best HR Managers seek to solve problems and are adaptable under different situations. They brainstorm new systems and procedures to create more efficiency in the virtual workspace. We love a person in this role that likes to "take charge" and enjoys working with different experiences and backgrounds within a team.

Managing Partner

Our Managing Partners will take on executive leadership for our client campaigns within the market. They will manage all aspects of client growth and are responsible for meeting our client goals and targets. We train our managers to handle operations, hiring decisions, and how to make any changes necessary to drive the performance needed. We believe the best managers are those who like to implement new ideas and feel comfortable taking on tough decisions! Our Managing Partners are committed to developing future leadership and are focused on developing the skillsets of the team and replicating success in others.

Client Consulting

Long-term growth comes from adapting, changing, and evolving with the times! Managing Partners will consult with new clients in order to grow market share, deliver speed-to-market changes, and open or expand new markets and territory. Our consulting team will work on the back-end to build out new initiatives, resolve client issues, and negotiate contractual agreements. They work directly with each Managing Partner to ensure effective implementation and strategy for each client campaign. This role is for those who love analytics, problem solving, and innovating new ideas in marketing.

Evolving Positions

As mentioned previously we believe that as a company you must evolve with the times and adapt to different situations! We will continue creating specific roles to cater to the needs of our clients and offer career growth based on each individual's passions and strengths. Internally we have options to work in SEO, analytics, remote support, training, and client development. The world is constantly changing, and as we grow our organization, we are excited to explore future options for advancement and expansion!

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